About Us

BMW Club Egypt is the official and national BMW club for Egypt. It belongs to a networking of 600 BMW official clubs around the world and grouping more than 200,000 BMW members, making it by far the largest Automotive Club worldwide. The club has currently 600 members scattered in Cairo and Alexandria. Members include BMW owners or non-BMW owners that are extremely enthusiastic about the Marque.



  • Members participation in the annual event
  • Discount for members-only on original BMW parts
  • Free web banner for the corporate members
  • Discounts rates for the summer trip to the BMW factory in Germany
  • Assistance in buying or selling used BMW cars


  • Promote the BMW lifestyle in Egypt.
  • Maintain and develop a national umbrella organization of regional Chapters and Clubs.
  • Introduce BMW to the children of Egypt – Create a new generation of BMW enthusiasts.
  • Encourage driver and automotive technical education and motor sports and other means of enjoying the BMW marque.
  • Encourage safe and ethical driving in Egypt.
  • Conform to the objectives and guidelines of the International Council of BMW Clubs and to participate in the International Council of BMW Clubs.
  • Enhance the BMW ownersh