BMW Club

The Founding Years and Ojectives

BMW Club Egypt was founded in 1999. The Club has a member roaster of 600 Luxury Cars Owners and enthusiasts, it offers adult education as well as kids education programs. The club’s objective is to promote the idea of safe, sports-like, environmental-friendly automotive events for the whole family.The club’s philosophy is to encourage individuals and family to enjoy BMW vehicles through training sessions and events.

Our Human Capital

The Club has a distinguished human capital to respond more effectively to the changing environment in Egypt. The Club is comprised of a strong nucleus of experienced and innovative lecturers and brand coordinators who are committed to continuing club programs improvement.


Eng. Mohamed Abdel Meguid Technical expert, Mechanical instructional designer and Mechanical Instructor
Mr. Mohamed Samir Automotive expert, Dealership Management Instructor
Eng. Khaled Antar Automotive expert, Car Designer Instructor
Dr. Amira Salah Car design instructor
Eng. Dina Abu Shall Car Interior Design Instructor
Eng. Mohamed Loay Car Embedded Systems Instructor
Mr. Ehab El Hosseiny Professional Car tuner
Mr. Remon Reffat Professional car tuner
Mohamed Gamal (Gemy) Cairo Executive


Our Partners

BMW & Luxury Cars Club has come a long way in its initial years. During this period, the Club have established strong links with the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria. Despite offering a non-traditional curriculum by Egyptian standards, the Club is grooming some top students to take advantage of the many emerging opportunities.Thanks to a favorable business climate in the region, many successful joint-ventures are being formed in the region with Western partners.